Concertmaster Opening – Mennonite Community Orchestra

The Mennonite Community Orchestra invites applicants for the position of Concertmaster. The job description is listed below.

Persons interested are asked to submit a recent recording of their playing of not more than 5-6 minutes which highlights their playing ability. This may be one or two pieces or excerpts. Stylistic contrast within the music recorded is preferred. Piano accompaniment is not required.

A one-page bio outlining musical studies and leadership experiences in orchestra or ensemble music making and any teaching experience is also invited. Applications should be submitted to by July 31 2022. Any questions can be directed to this address also.

Mennonite Community Orchestra Concertmaster Job Description

The MCO Concertmaster shall:
 provide bowings for all string sections and work with the Librarian to mark parts as required
 play any solo parts in the 1 st violin section
 work with the MCO Personnel Manager to determine seating within the string section
 act as the conduit between conductor and orchestra and be accountable to both parties
 translate instructions from the conductor into specific technical language for the strings
 confer with other string section leaders as necessary to ensure unity in performance
 by example, lend a sense of stable and consistent leadership from rehearsal to rehearsal
 maintain the appropriate sense of decorum during rehearsals by setting a personal example
 lead the orchestra in tuning before rehearsals and performances
 assist with aspects of the orchestra’s management as necessary
 be an ex officio member of the Repertoire Committee and the MCO Board
 participate in the audition process for any prospective string players

The MCO Concertmaster shall possess
 thorough knowledge of historical playing styles in addition to complete idiomatic understanding of the mechanics of string playing
 extensive knowledge of the orchestral repertoire

 a high level of technical proficiency
 excellent sight-reading ability
 good communication skills
 good understanding of rehearsal and performance protocols

An honorarium commensurate with the MCO’s status as a volunteer organization is offered to recognize the work and responsibility the position entails.